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Periodontitis is an extremely dangerous disease in dentistry. Causes of the disease can include the accumulation of lime and plaque deep under the teeth, the attack of pathogenic bacteria, and the patient’s sensitive location.

Periodontal disease can cause many serious consequences. Periodontitis Causes general deterioration in the elderly and especially in pregnant women. The condition causes bone loss around the teeth, causing the gums to recede, causing the teeth to become loose or even fall out. In addition, it also has an awful smell that makes you afraid to talk to people around. Many studies have also demonstrated that periodontitis is associated with systemic health. They are exacerbating diabetes and pre-existing cardiovascular diseases.


Reasons For Periodontal Treatments

To limit the consequences, periodontitis must be treated immediately and monitored for a long time. The team of dentists is well-trained from medical universities, domestic and abroad. Therefore, they have high expertise as well as dedication to the work. You will absolutely receive the best care and treatment at our dental clinic.

The Process Of Treating Periodontitis At Universal Dental:

First, the doctor will examine and advise you on the general state of your oral health.

The dentist takes tartar on the gums and roots with specialized tools and uses a solution to clean the inflammatory foci.

Dentists handle the “consequences” of periodontitis: root canal treatment of dead pulp teeth, extraction of loose teeth that cannot be improved, restoration of dentures, cosmetic bone grafting, etc.

Finally, the doctor will monitor and reassess the progress of the disease. Usually, you need to be seen again after four weeks, six weeks, and then every six months to control the recurrence of periodontal disease.

With high expertise and dedication to patients, the doctors at Universal Dental will always be with you to provide optimal oral health.