Esthetic Fillings

Everyone deserves the chance to have a beautiful and healthy smile

Esthetic Fillings

Tooth fillings use dental materials to restore a damaged or decayed tooth to its shape and regain its normal function. When the tooth is decayed in the early period, it has not affected the bone marrow and lost much tooth tissue. If detected promptly, it can be refilled simply without curing the root canal or making tooth crown costly and time-consuming.

When the dentist conducts tooth filling, they first remove the decayed tooth tissue from the cavities, clean the affected area and fill the cavities with a specialized filler. After that, the newly filled part will be refinished to achieve the function, aesthetics as well as maximum comfort for you.


Fillings At Universal Dental

Universal Dental uses high-quality fillings to restore the teeth’ natural shape and optimal function. Universal Dental has stopped using amalgam (also known as lead fillings and silver fillings) because it risks the environment and does not ensure aesthetics.

Tooth fillings may seem like a simple treatment, but for Universal Dental, our goal is perfection in results and comfort in experience. To achieve that, every little detail is concerned: choose the color of the material to match the color of the teeth, adjust the occlusal joint physiologically after the fillings, and there are always protective glasses for customers to protect from green dental light while working.

For cases where a need to apply a filling technique, Universal Dental always uses the best type of fillings tray to ensure reproducing the most beautiful and physiological shape for your teeth. In some cases of multiple fillings, the filling is in the deep corner; a dentist will place a liner to isolate your teeth from the environment in the mouth. While it may be uncomfortable for you, putting the liner to ensure that the tool does not fall into your mouth and creating an optimal dry environment helps the fillings material stick to your teeth.

In particular, the cases of aesthetic fillings with high technical requirements can all be done by a team of meticulous, professional doctors. This is an economical option to have a friendly smile when you do not have enough money to make aesthetic porcelain veneers.