Emergency Dentistry

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Emergency Dentistry

Have you ever needed emergency dental treatment? Depending on the nature of the issue, you probably experienced extreme pain and went through a lot of inconvenience in the process. Let’s consider what you need to do if a dental emergency arises.

Hard food, sports injuries, accidents, and infections can leave you searching for an “emergency dentist near me.” But not every oral injury needs emergency dentistry. Depending on the severity of the incident and how much pain you’re in, you should either go to the hospital, or you can book an appointment with your local emergency dentist in Irvine.


What Is

Emergency Dentistry?

Emergency dentistry involves procedures and treatments dedicated solely to resolving urgent issues with the gums and teeth. Often, people need emergency dental care because of sports injuries, falls, or other unpredictable moments. Sometimes, emergency dental care can help relieve pain and save viable teeth if you’re experiencing tooth decay, an infection, or deterioration of existing dental hardware.

When Would You Need To Visit

An Emergency Dentist?

Chipped or broken tooth

In case you break or chip your teeth, it is practical for a dentist to examine the extent of the damage to provide a suitable solution. If a cracked or broken tooth is left untreated, it can sometimes lead to infections such as sepsis or osteomyelitis, a condition of the bone. You may also develop a very painful abscess. Chipped or broken teeth can be restored with dental crowns.

Knocked out tooth

Try to place the tooth back into the socket without touching the roots. You do not want to introduce additional bacteria to the wound. If the tooth won’t go in, then rinse it off and store the tooth in either your saliva (the best option) or milk. Apply a cold compress to the socket to reduce bleeding and swelling.

You must receive emergency dental care as quickly as possible. Thirty minutes can be the difference between saving or losing a tooth.

Dentists will check to see if the tooth was knocked entirely and that no parts of the root are still attached. After that, a suitable prognosis will be offered.

Tooth pain and swelling

You may assume that a toothache is normal, but in most cases, it is a sign of an underlying problem. You may find out that the pain and swelling could be due to tooth decay, an abscess, exposed roots, or infected gums. If all attempts to alleviate tooth pain and swelling are futile, you can consider emergency dental services instead of waiting to see your dentist at your regular appointment.

Lost filling or crown

Fillings or crowns are meant to protect already damaged teeth. A missing crown or filling could often indicate an underlying problem, such as cavities. There is also the danger of increased sensitivity to the affected tooth and further deterioration. It is, therefore, vital that you seek immediate help when you notice that they are missing.

Post-dental surgery complications

If you notice anything abnormal after a dental procedure, make sure to immediately visit a dentist to determine if the recovery process is going well. This is especially important for surgical treatments as it could indicate an infection.

Emergency dentistry is also needed when you are bleeding from the mouth or have suffered trauma to your teeth, tongue, cheeks, jaw, or lips. However, your need for emergency dental care is not restricted to these situations, any time you feel uncomfortable and cannot wait for a dentist’s appointment. You can ease your worry by checking into an emergency dental clinic.

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