Crowns & Bridges

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Crowns & Bridges

Crowns and bridges are porcelain teeth used to restore teeth when there is damage to most or all of the tooth surface or cosmetic teeth when it is necessary to cover the entire tooth with is not pretty color and shape. Crowns and bridges are fixed to the crown or on the Implant.


When To Use Crowns?

Crowns are indicated for use in the following specific cases:

– The tooth is damaged on a large or total surface that cannot be restored with fillings or Inlay/Onlay.

– Protect and restore weak, cracked teeth after root canal treatment

– Covering all teeth with bad color and shape

- Attached to the bridge

– Restoration of teeth on Implant

Before placing the crown on the crown, the dentist will reconstruct the crown, such as taking the pulp, placing/casting the false pulp, and placing the pin-filling.

The doctor always tries to preserve the maximum amount of pulp for you. Root canal extraction is only done when necessary, such as if a tooth with decay, a significant break, and a pulp.

When To Use A Bridge?

Bridges are applied in case of missing one or more teeth but still have abutment teeth at both ends. This is the optimal choice when you do not want to install removable dentures that cause inconvenience but are not qualified to do Implant.

The doctor will make a bridge to put in the missing tooth space for you by preparing the natural teeth on both sides of the head to attach the bridge. These teeth act as pillars for the bridge, so it is necessary to have strong teeth at both ends of the missing teeth. Before placing the bridge, the doctor must also regenerate the crowns of the two abutment teeth to be eligible for a crown or crown.

Procedure Of Crowns And Bridges

- The Doctor will first conduct an examination, take X-ray films, and diagnose and discuss specific treatment plans with you.

– After you agree with the treatment plan, we will take pictures before treatment at different angles (in the mouth, on the face, when you smile naturally) to have documents. , pictures of facial structure, skin color, and hair from there, we design a smile with new teeth that is most suitable and harmonious for you.

– For cases of tooth loss, joint collapse, excessive tooth wear, complex bite, pathology, etc. The Doctor will conduct a study to analyze and come up with a comprehensive treatment plan.

Teeth Preparation Process:

The Doctor will first numb the area of ​​the tooth you need to reconstruct. The Doctor will then prepare to create a tooth with a suitable shape for the initial plan to make a crown or porcelain bridge. The time to prepare a porcelain tooth ranges from 5-7 minutes.

– When the teeth preparation process is complete, the Doctor will take impressions of your teeth (or Scan for cases of 1 to 3 teeth) and choose the right tooth color for you. (You will have temporary teeth while waiting for cosmetic porcelain teeth).

- Time to perform porcelain teeth at the center’s laboratory within 24 hours for cases of restoration of 1-3 teeth and 2-3 days for cases of restoration of 6 or more teeth. Implementation time may vary on a case-by-case basis.

– When the Denture Labo has finished your new cosmetic porcelain teeth, the Doctor will test the porcelain and show you the color and shape of the teeth. When you are satisfied with your new teeth, the Doctor will fix your teeth. Porcelain teeth will look exactly like natural teeth.

– The Doctor will take pictures after attaching porcelain teeth and compare the images after and before treatment to show the aesthetic and functional results you have achieved along with the differences.

Types Of Porcelain Teeth

Crowns and bridges (commonly known as porcelain teeth) are classified by materials as follows:

1. Metal porcelain crowns (or bridges): the ribs are made of metal and covered by the outer porcelain layer. Includes two types:

– Ordinary metal porcelain teeth

– Precious metal porcelain teeth

2. All-ceramic crowns (or bridges): all are made of porcelain.

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