Dr Muazz

Meet Dr. Muazz Zendaki

Muazz Zendaki


Dr. Zendaki is a Restorative Dentistry specialist with a postgraduate certificate from UCLA. He has a passion for high quality Restorative Dentistry that allows the patient to enjoy a brilliantly esthetic and a well functional smile. As a dental educator Dr Zendaki has trained thousands of dentists through out his dental Teaching career.


He Holds The Following Titles As:

  • badgeDirector at ACT1 Restorative Dentistry at UCLA school Of Dentistry
  • badgeDirector at Cornerstone Training Institute for endodontic and Surgical dental training
  • badgeAssistant Director at the Duggan Institute of Dentistry
  • badgeMember of the Academy of Operative Dentistry
  • badgeMember of the Academy of R.V Tucker Study Clubs


Dr Zendaki is a graduate of UCLA Restorative Dentistry program  with an extensive training under worlds renowned mentors in the arts and sciences of Comprehensive Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry. 

He is Member of the Academy or RV Tucker study clubs and an active Table clinician and member at the American Academy of Operative Dentistry and the Academy of Genral Dentistry.

Doctor Muazz