Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene

January 02nd, 2023


Dear patient,

Please check these links and videos to optimize your oral health after your exam and cleaning appointment

1- I recommend investing in WATER FLOSS very helpful in targeting gingivitis and deep pocket check the following video

2- I recommend regular flossing in addition to water floss too please remember to insert it twice each time you should be rubbing on the side of each tooth as the contact is formed from two sides

3- brushing twice a day especially before bed is very important please make sure you follow these instructions carefully

4- the tooth paste I recommend for normal teeth is arm and hammer baking soda

5- the mouth wash I recommend is either Biotene or thera breath that are alcohol free

6- If I told you that you have low calcium in your teeth or have general sensitivity to hot or cold then this is the tooth paste I recommend you use it for 3 months and come back to re-evaluate.

You can order it online by searching in google for MI Paste One.

7- please review these general oral hygiene recommendations by ADA

8- If I told you that you have erosion or acid reflux and grinding issues then you must review this website

At the end it is a teamwork between you being disciplined with oral hygiene and my dental cleaning treatments to have optimum results to keep those teeth healthy forever

Please don't hesitate to ask me any question and I would be happy to answer

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